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Welcome to yavin_academy!

Yavin Academy is a Star Wars role playing community set after Return of the Jedi, and inspired by Star Wars media such as the Young Jedi Knights book series and the Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy video game.

Disclaimer: Star Wars and its related characters/universe is property of George Lucas and LucasFilm Ltd. This community does not infringe on any legal rights of said parties. No profits are made from the community, it is for personal entertainment purposes only.

Thank You to the mods and players of theoldrepublic for letting us use their game as a jumping point organizationally. ♠

Plot Premise

After the destruction of the second Death Star, Luke Skywalker has set up a Jedi Academy on the planet of Yavin 4. New students are beginning to filter in and learn the ways of the Force. Due to the novelty of the New Jedi Order and the scarcity of Jedi masters, multiple students are assigned to one master. Students train on Yavin as well as go on missions outside of the system.

In order to open the RPG to force wielding characters of both Light and Dark alignment, the game is set in the year 14ABY, when the dark side cult, the Disciples of Ragnos is present.

Yavin Academy will probably not be able to adhere to all the canonicity of the Expanded Universe, so the main point of the community will be to create our own storyline with original characters and have fun.


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Application Process

So, you're interested in the game? Great! Characters at Yavin Academy are both original characters and canon characters. At this point, canon characters are limited to one per player, and they cannot be your first character. You don't have to be a Star Wars guru to join! If you have questions about the time period, please consider seeing the recommended reading.

We're looking for all types of different characters- be it Force user or not, Dark side or Light side. Find your place!

Step 1. Contact the mods via private message (go to their profile and click on “Send this user a message”) and express your desire to join.

Step 2. Create a journal for your character using the following format: characterfirstname_characterlastname. If your character name is too long, use either firstinitial_lastname OR firstname_lastinitial. If it's still too long and/or taken, please contact the mods by a Private Message.

Step 3. Fill out the application below.


After you have filled out your application, send an e-mail with the completed application and a description of what the character looks like to yavinacademy@gmail.com.

Step 4. Add a character profile and disclaimer to your character journal's userinfo. Please include all of the information you detailed in your application in their userinfo. (Ex. http://zacher-dorvin.livejournal.com/profile)

Step 5. Log in as your character and request to join yavin_academy.

After you've done that, wait for mod approval. If you have followed the instructions and meet our requirements, you will be approved. If something is wrong with your application, a mod will reply to you letting you know what needs to be changed and why.

Once you are approved, you may begin posting immediately. Please be sure to read the community rules and read recent posts in yavin_academy in order to get a good idea of what is going on and how the game is being run.

Community members also chat on AIM concerning the story and also to get to know each other better. Please download AIM once accepted so we can chat often and keep the story going.

Character Types

Here are the basic character types we're looking for at Yavin Academy:

Jedi Students- Students at the academy on Yavin 4. Most of these students will probably be teenagers. These students will have just recently come to the academy (Within the past few years) so they will have a background/childhood that takes place off-planet. This can shape their personalities in various ways, and could make it harder for them to adjust to the ways of Jedi Life.

Jedi Masters- Adult Jedi teachers at the Academy who are responsible for carrying out more dangerous missions and training several students. Like the students, their backgrounds will consist of many years before arriving on Yavin 4. They have most likely lived through the rebellion and have stories to tell. Their philosophies and values will have been directly influenced by the events of the rebellion, and they could find it difficult to transition into life as a Jedi.

Disciples of Ragnos- A Sith cult honoring the ancient Sith lord Marka Ragnos. The cult is led by Tavion Axmis, who is obsessed with resurrecting Ragnos. She does so by absorbing Force aura from various sites strong in the force, and passes on some of this aura to other members of the cult, infusing them with strong Darkside force connections. Some members of the cult can use the force and are drawn to the call of the Dark Side.

Imperial Remnant- Pockets of the Galactic Empire that are left after the destruction of the second Death Star- can be anything from Stormtroopers to Pilots to Officers. The Remnant is known to associate with the Disciples of Ragnos.

Galactic Citizens These are citizens of the galaxy, ranging from shopkeepers to smugglers and bounty hunters. These particular citizens will not be present on Yavin 4 unless they wound up there by accident. For the most part, these citizens will interact with Jedi only when the Jedi are out on missions. Since the Disciples of Ragnos are spread across the galaxy, interaction with cult members is more likely for Galactic Citizens.

Canon Characters- These are characters that are already established in the Star Wars universe, some examples being Luke Skywalker, Kyle Katarn, Jaden Korr, Tavion Axmis, and Rosh Penin. Playing canon characters is allowed at Yavin Academy, but you cannot take on a canon character as your first character in this community. If you do end up playing a canon character, you must keep them in character. For example, Kyle Katarn would not demand that his students call him "Your Supreme Jediness, Kyle Katarn" since Kyle is noted to be a casual and laid back master who hates titles.

Current Characters
(Updated July 2014)

Recommended Reading

Please take a look at these supplemental materials to become better acquainted with the time period and culture in which Yavin Academy takes place

Wookieepedia Articles:
Jedi Academy (Game)
Jedi Praxeum
14 ABY
Yavin 4
New Jedi Order
Impreial Remnant
Disciples of Ragnos
Phrases and Slang

Misc. Helpful links
Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopaedia
Star Wars Random Name Generator

Video Games:
Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast
Star Wars: Dark Forces
Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

OOC Community Posts:
Temple Map


1. No God-Moding. Do not write the actions or reactions of a character that is not yours, unless you've received prior permission from the author. You may react or begin an action toward another character, but allow the other character to then behave as they see fit. Write like you'd act in real life.

Example of an illegal God-Moding post:

zacher_dorvin: Irritated, Zacher threw the punch, knocking Nessa clear across the Cantina! She totally broke all of her bones and was totally knocked out and Zacher totally rules!

Example of an acceptable post:

zacher_dorvin: Irritated, Zacher threw the punch at Nessa.
nessa_silvarin: Nessa moved swiftly to the right, watching Zacher’s fist fly past her face.

Only Nessa’s character in the above examples can decide whether or not to take the hit. Keep in mind that if your character never takes hits it can get very annoying. No one likes to play with a character who has no weaknesses.

2. Settle personal disputes outside of the community. The moderators are just that: moderators. Please try and settle any interpersonal problems between the players involved before coming to the mods about it.

3. Have fun. Don't take things too seriously, don't get irritated. Approach everything with calmness and civility. It’s important to keep perspective in mind and remember that this is just a Star Wars role playing community on the internet which was created just for fun; it should not be the source of any strife or drama.

4. Spellcheck! Please keep an eye out on grammar and spelling.

5. Please keep all roleplaying in full narrative form, as if you were writing a story – no *actions*, please, since it breaks the reality of the game. In the same vein, please no 'netspeak' or smilies outside the OOC community.

6. Adhere to the thread structure of posts. The way yavin_academy is played is in journal threads. A character will start out a thread by making a post to the community. Characters reacting to that post (for example, character within the same party as the character who made the post) react by replying in a comment to the fore mentioned post.

New posts can only be created under certain circumstances:
1. The thread comes to a logical place to conclude action in that scene (or has become too long)
2. A character in a different location (usually in another part of the planet/galaxy) wishes to post
3. More than seven days expires between posts ((with mod approval))


Main community. Threads are in narrative (3rd person) form.

Out of Character and Character Development community. Here we do in-character memes, post fics, discuss Star Wars related stuff, etc.